A downloadable game for Windows

Hop, jump, and bounce your way through 5 unique levels. Devised for the High Pixel Game Jam, under the theme ‘Parallel Worlds’.

Play as a bunny and collect as many carrots as you can then retrieve them to the barn you came from but the journey back seems a little different to how you remember it.

Made by a team of three within the course of a week, we proudly present Hop[e].

Programmer - Jamie Hulkes

2d & 3d Artist - Cris Thompson

Music and SFX Artist - Ciaran Jai Cosway

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the zip file and then open the application labelled Hop[e].


Hop[e] - Windows Edition.zip 31 MB


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This was an amazingly well made game with beautiful graphics and outstanding quality!

Thank you, appreciate that a ton! 

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Really liked the art and sound of this game! Great Platformer!


Thank you so much for the kind words glad you liked it and thank you for sharing your experience on YouTube appreciate that a lot!


You guys knocked this one out the park! Please make a longer version

Thank you so much! We may plan to :)


I'm not able to play because i am on a mac but i do love the art style!

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Hey I did upload a Mac version but unfortunately it wasn't configured properly, a version for mac will be released shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.